Top 25 Favorite Albums of 2010 | #9. Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

#9. Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

Some of my favorite things from Das Racist’s Sit Down, Man mixtape:

  • The Jay-Z sample and gritty bassline from “All Tan Everything”
  • From “All Tan Everything”: “Insane brown posse, soul dudes \ Apollo Ohno’s bro homo soul patch is so cool \ Yo fool, break yourself from your Pro Tools \ Plus your Fruity Loops \ New dance, do the booty droop \ On to the next one \ Now do the booty scoop \ Do the booty up \ Do the booty-ooty-alley-oop \ Scooby-Dooby doo on the Bally so my fanny’s cute”
  • From “Puerto Rican Cousins”: “I’m counting Jacksons with black friends \ Counting tens and Benzes with white friends \ Wondering if suicide’s a largely white trend \ Google it later and confirm that, a’ight then”
  • The intro from “hahahaha jk?”: Cheeky chain shaking and faux braggadocio “Talk shit at this part? About how, like, ‘The world didn’t see it coming!’”
  • From “hahahaha jk?”: “Sunoco flow, no Pinocchio, no BP \ Just beat me \ Meet me where I beat beats, drop street heat \ I’m on the block like street meat \ Call me Dwight Schrute the way that I eat beats \ No beet farm, just pharm beats, smarmy \ A motherf*cker try to harm me, eh?”
  • Also from “hahahaha jk?”: “We not racist, we love white people! Ford trucks, apple pies! \ Bald eagles \ Yeah, Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, Pringles, Kraft Singles, Slim Jims, Sierra Mist! \ Butter crunch cookies, Sour Patch Kids!”
  • From “Town Business”: “But free Weezy too, though, and Max B too, yo \ Free the whole prison system \ What they did to you, bro?”
  • The sawtooth synths and falsetto chorus of “Commercial”
  • The 6/8 stomp of “People Are Strange”, sampling The Doors’ song of the same title
  • The chorus sample on “Luv It Mayne”: “My uncle said, ‘If you gon’ BAAAaaaLLLlll \ Gotta keep a nice whip \ Gotta keep a thick b*tch \ Shine like ya sell bricks’”, only to be mocked at the end of the song: “Now if you wanna balllll \ You gotta do a lotta shit \ Thatcha might now wanna do \ You still gotta do that shit \ If you wanna balll”
  • Also from “Luv It Mayne”: “Yeah, Chamillion-here, Chamillionare, Sicilian hair, Vermillion, swimming in your inner ear \ I’m the best swimmer here, sippin’ on a ginger beer \ Purple Bart Simpson, limpin’ \ Lampin’ on a boat eating shrimps with bigger dimes, no scampi \ Chianti bigger lines, Victor, winner \ Splinter plus the purple Ninja Turtle \ Half Urkel, half Urquell \ Champagne’s Korbel, served chilled”
  • From “Amazing”: “Tight rug munchie with a scrunchie \ Lotta haters wanna punch me \ Like a donkey \ I’m eddie murphy in Shrek i’m complex \ I’m Kanye in whiteface on the cover of Complex Magazine \ is lady gaga a dragqueen? \ Or sage francis on the cover of beyond race \ Pee on face of any r. kelly groupie \ Type rage against machines on a spooky night \ Kookie light do the right thing like mookie might \ Yo mtv raps cars on the spokes of my hoopty bike \ Others is dookie type \ Me i’m loopy type \ Living the juicy life howser doogie like”
  • The cool, laid-back and sexed-up groove of “Fashion Party”, replete with sexy female vocals.  Smooth.
  • From “Rapping 2 U”: “Stock is rising wait don’t scalp the tickets yet \ Older white women say I’m very articulate \ Young Obama mommy, but not Illuminati \ If they tryna gauge if I’m tame enough to be they commie pet \ I’m watching Gandhi til I’m charged and eating banh mi \ Like they was Cars and I was Blondie \ We are not the same I’m Alf swinging a salami \ At any prom queens that want me \ Probably even Nikki Minaj would massage me \ If I got a fade into my beard like I was John B \ Nice \ Finna eat more rice than Condi”
  • The blown-speaker, Sleigh Bells-type bombast of “Rooftop”
  • From “Rooftop”: “Rooftop, like we bringin’ ‘88 back \ White girls, Big Wheels, fortunes, Sajak \ Mixtapes, many tapes, Mel Gibson “Payback” \ Laid back, stay crack, eat those, stay fat”
  • Also from “Rooftop”: “Das Racist, goodness gracious \ Great balls of 8 Balls smooshed in faces \ Great balls for cake, ya’ll hood rich famous \ Lifestyles is type wild, ditch the Cajuns \ All the rage, kid, save your dollars \ Cop that for moms, dads, nanas, papas \ Top hats and big wigs powdered proper \ So on the money he’s a founding father \ Dodger, conniver, preach to choirs \ Lied when he said his pants was on fire \ Ants in his pants, you’re uncle’s none wiser \ Escape with a string and a toothpick, MacGyver
  • The snap-clap verse groove on “Irresponsible”
  • The gall to sample Enigma’s “Return To Innonence” VERY prominently on the song of the same name
  • The ebullient and infectious Carribean/African chorus of “Julia”
  • The grimey crawl of “Roc Marciano Joint”
  • From the Diplo-produced “You Can Sell Anything”: “It’s like, put me on dude \ Someone discover me \ Give me some money, B \ I’ll be your money tree \ Took a lot of samples out, you don’t gotta clear those \ Made a lot of weird raps, you don’t want to hear those \ Label’s like, ‘Maybe we can cake off the weirdos’ \ Ok – plug your nose, here goes \ Caveman porn star riding on a unicorn \ Undercover cop, and I’m wearing a uniform \ Plus I wrote all of my rhymes in cuneiform \ Hella years ago, B.C., you better be informed \ If you don’t get it, get a computer and Google it \ If you find out all the reasons we the shit, then you the shit”
  • From “Sit Down, Man”: “Mommy Dukes never told me to go to my room \ But while juvenile, she threatened to send me to Dehradun \ That’s in the motherland \ Her lover-dad hit me with a broom \ Black and blue, at school \ Where white kids call me dune coon \ I’m still living this shit \ Something like a pigeon and pissed \ Scribblin’ some lip words \ To a script, literal shit \ Belittled, we get \ Hit quick, you little dick \ Kicked in, Just for giggles and shits”

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