3 Awesome Bird Moments That Just Happened…

  1. While leaving the PetSmart in Brentwood after picking Pocket up from the groomers, I cut out of the back entrance of the parking lot behind Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Up ahead, in the road, I see a Cardinal flitting around just a few feet above the pavement.  It looks as thought it’s playing around with a small leaf – kicking it up with it’s wings and batting it around.  As I drive closer, and eventually past it, I realized it’s not a leaf, it’s a praying mantis.  Awesome.  If only the Cardinals were playing the Florida Mantises tonight, it would have been truly perfect.
  2. I came home to an aerial acrobatics show between two hummingbirds, zipping around the backyard like fighter planes, and taking breaks to quench their thirst on the honeysuckle and chill out in the redbud tree.
  3. Speaking of the redbud tree, a downy woodpecker and a female house sparrow were sharing a branch, only a few inches from one another.  The downy was working its way up the underside of the branch, as the house sparrow perched on top.  As the downy moved up the branch underneath the house sparrow, the house sparrow kept sidestepping up the branch just ahead, as if it was conceding space to the downy, or just trying not to get in its way.  She didn’t fly off, just kept scooting up the branch as the woodpecker worked its up the underside.  “Sorry lady, but your recliner is my kitchen.” Fascinating to see species coexist.
*Pushes glasses binoculars up bridge of nose*
UPDATE: I am not alone in my experience of item #1:

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