Sermon Series Title + Copy // The Gathering UMC

Sermon Series Titles

In my time working at The Gathering, I was frequently tasked with evolving a working title into the final sermon title, complete with tagline copy. Below are some examples of those… “evolutions”:

Sermon Series Copy

I was often also charged with translating the lead pastor’s conceptual notes on the upcoming sermon series into “preview” copy for use in promotional materials and messaging. Below are images from promotional materials for which I wrote the copy (and also designed the graphics)…

In addition to the copy presented in the images above, here are some of the other “blurbs”:

IMAGINE: The Parables Of Jesus

Jesus often answered questions by telling stories. These stories, or parables, were an invitation for his followers to imagine the world from God’s point of view. Through parables, Jesus offers us a glimpse of what the Kingdom of God looks like. Join us as we learn how to see the world as God sees it, and how to live through that vision in our own lives.

Text Message

Do you ever get a text message and think, “I’ll read it later,” and then forget? And it ends up being pretty important? And maybe it could have changed things, if you had just read it? Scripture is God’s text message to us: It’s waiting to be read, and when we do, it changes things. Join us as we look at what The Bible is, what we believe about it, and why reading it is an important part of following Jesus.

Money Equals Happiness

We’ve all heard the saying “Money can’t buy you happiness”, but is that really true? What if the way we spend our money really could make us happier? Join us as we look at what scripture says about the connection between wealth, generosity, and joy, and how we can leverage our money towards a better world, and a happier life.



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