Blocks In Frame: Build & Install // King Louie’s


Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.38.21 AM


IMG_1125 IMG_1123


2 thoughts on “Blocks In Frame: Build & Install // King Louie’s

  1. KL Kozel says:

    I like this. What substantial difference would it make if you had placed the wood pieces randomly instead of in a pattern?

    1. kosekozel says:

      There’s isn’t a pattern, really. Each “column” is a random arrangement of the same block length quantities (so technically each “row” is random as well). I just wanted there to be an even distribution of block lengths from left to right across the whole piece, so I made sure that each column included the same number of each block length. I had toyed around with having a true pattern, and the thought was to use a QRD diffusion calculator to determine a pattern that would appropriately diffuse sound in that space, with that number of blocks and variations in block length (I actually had it all computed and plotted out), but ultimately it would have made an already painstaking process take even longer.

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