Back Country Outfitters // Billboard Artwork

The Ask…

The client, who in this case was my brother, was wanting images from the store’s recent photo shoot to take up two entire halves of a billboard, with the copy title “for every adventure” and the store’s logo. He sent along this mockup to give me an idea of what they were looking for…

The Issue…

The problem was, the billboard format ratio was quite a bit wider, and the existing image content wasn’t wide enough to fill the space, while still keeping the subjects visible from head to toe.

The Option…

I gave him a few options that filled the central area with some more stylized elements that built off of the theme of the imagery, such as the one below…

The Solution…

Ultimately, in the end, I was asked to ahere more to the simplicity of the original concept, so I went ahead and cloned in more background content for the images to fill the entire width of the billboard. I also manipulated the tonality of the images to allow for the white text and logo to separate more effectively from the background.


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