Year: 2005
Length: 7 minutes, 11 seconds
Company: Counterhound Productions/Pancake Productions


A man’s desperation upon his wife’s leaving him and his finding out that he is going to die momentarily lead him on a bizarre and rapid-fire quest to do who-knows-what!


Mr. Darryl Reeves // Todd SPENCE
Dr. Hank Jorbissen // Dale D. MOORE
Mrs. Reeves // Chelsea SWITZER
Dance Instructor M. Marso // Kevin STROUP
Valpak, Attorney At Law // Jonathan WATERS
Valpak Receptionist Charlene // Kiley LEWIS
Street Ruffians // Nathan SUTTON, Mike BRASHER
Girl On Bike // Kathleen WEBER
Dancers // Brian JONES, Will NOVAK, Frank NEWTON, Percy RODRIGUEZ, RØB SEVERSON, Melissa TRN, Kiley LEWIS


Directed by // Steve KOZEL
Produced by // Steve KOZEL, Dan GARTNER, Nick GARTNER
Written By // Roger JOHNSON, Todd SPENCE
Cinematography by // Nick GARTNER
Edited by // John DENTLINGER
Assistant Editor // Dustin WEISKOPF
Location Sound/Boom Mic Operator // James GREEN
Key Grip // Autumn EAKIN
Best Boy Grip // Matt WICKS
Dolly Grip // Devon SCHWAB
Executive Producers // Richard GARTNER, RØB SEVERSON
1st Assistant Director/Unit Production Manager // Geoff TIPPIT
2nd Assistant Director // Dan GARTNER
Assistant Camera // Zak WHITE
Gaffer // Keith HUEFFMEIER
Best Boy Electric // Dave JACOBSEN
Production Designer // RØB SEVERSON
Art Department // Will NOVAK, Frank NEWTON
Costumes // Melissa TRN
Behind-The-Scenes Videographer // Sean GARTNER


Written and Performed by // Grant ESSIG


I’m Sorry, Mr. Reeves was made by Team Kremulac for Counterhound Productions (in association with Pancake Productions) for the 48 Hour Film Festival/Competition.

All writing, shooting, editing, and scoring took place over the course of 48 hours.

The mandatory elements of the story were as follows:
GENRE: Comedy
CHARACTER: M. Marso, Dance Instructor
PROP: Flotation Device
LINE: “If you do that again, I’ll scream!”

Team Kremulac/Counterhound won the Audience Choice Award for their group as well as Best Editing overall in the St. Louis area 48 Hour Film Competition.


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