The following is a link-filled rundown of my writing experience (formal & informal) heretofore.

I’ve always felt comfortable with – and confident in – my writing ability, but my interest in visual vehicles has always steered me away from plunging headlong into what seemed like a limited medium. Looking back on my past writing work through the lens of new opportunities, I realize that framing an idea in written words has often played a crucial role in creating and expanding on broader concepts and content. Not a novel realization, I know, but when viewed in that light, it makes the thought of reinvesting in my own writing craft an exciting prospect.

Vocational Experience

Media Coordinator // The Gathering UMC

In my 16-months working part-time for The Gathering UMC as their “Media Coordinator” (their title, not mine), I was often tasked with creating titles and tag-lines for sermon series, as well as writing the series preview copy for promotional materials and communications.

Freelance Music Journalist // Riverfront Times

Avocational Experience

Music-focused Writing
Sporadic Blogging


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